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Salient Feature.

  1. For Irrigation of Broad range of field crop

  2. the highest resistance crops

  3. suitable for all crop

  4. Available in most spacing

  5. High Resistance to Mechanical damage

  6. increased yield and better crop quality

  7. water and fertilizer saving,

  8. increased water and fertilizer efficiency

  9. energy saving

  10. Drip irrigation systems for all range of agriculture and horticulture crops

  11. drip irrigation systems for all greenhouse crops (protected environment)

  12. every roll is carefully tested for wall thickness, flow uniformity and burst pressure as per BIS standard.

  13. Manufactured from high quality polyethylene.

Advantages of Vedanta Drip.

Whatever the crop only Vedanta drip will Allow you to.....

  1. Save Water

  2. Maximize fertilizer utilization

  3. Significantly improve yield, quality and crop valve

  4. Uniform water distribution along the drip line.

Benefits of Vedanta Drip.

  1. The best and strongest inline cylindrical drip in the market.

  2. The Highest resistance to clogging.

  3. Suitable for all crops.

  4. Available in most spacing.

  5. Increased yield and better crop quality.

  6. water fertilizer efficiency.

  7. water fertilizer efficiency.

  8. Drip Irrigation Systems for all range of agricultural and horticulture crops.

  9. Drip irrigation Systems for greenhouse crops (Protected environment).

  10. Every roll is carefully tested for wall thickness,flow uniformity and burst pressure as per BIS standards.

  11. Manufacture from high Quality Polyethylene.
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